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Fatal error: Cannot redeclare activate_woo_usn() ....

Hello dear(s) customer(s),

Once you upgrade to the premium version, you may encounter an error message saying this :

Notice: "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare activate_woo_usn() (previously declared in /www/..../ultimate-sms-notifications/woo-usn.php:32) in /www/..../ultimate-sms-notifications-premium/woo-usn.php on line 37" ) .

This error message is throwned, because on your store while you was trying to install the pro version, the free version of our plugin is still active.

How can you go from that, to fix the issue?

    You just need to deactivate the free version first and then activate the pro version, and you will see it working like a charm.

If you have followed all these steps and this didn't work, feel free to reach our support chatbot, we'll be happy to help you.

Thank you