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Telesign is not delivering SMS to my phone number

Hello customer(s),

we received a lot of complaints of customers complaining that the Telesign integration is not working on their store.

What it's the issue ?

The biggest reason is the fact you're still using the trial mode of Telesign.

Once you pass the verification steps required by Telesign, you will see a banner displayed on the top left of your account looking like this : 

The message is clear, your actions with your Telesign account are limited.

The reason is that the trial mode of Telesign restricts your SMS sending to only your phone number.

How to solve it ?

In order to get rid of this limitation you just need to upgrade your Telesign account.

It means relying your Credit Card to Telesign, so they can automatically recharge your Telesign account if there is no longer funds on it.

By doing it, you will be able to send SMS to anybody in the world, and you won't get anymore failing delivery status while sending SMS with Telesign from your store.

If you need additional help, feel free to reach us here